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With Preferred Home Care Services, you never have to worry about having a stranger in your home. We select only the most qualified medical assistants to join our program, and they must pass a screening process just to meet with you. We take the time to match all of our clients with the right personal care assistant in MN, so you never feel uncomfortable or unsure of whose helping you get through the day. 

Many families go through a difficult period deciding what will happen to loved ones with illness or disabilities. In addition, no one wants to leave their property. It doesn't matter what age you are. Preferred Home Care Services, with "Traditional PCA", A MN home health care, changes the entire conversation. You can still live in your home and feel safe, well and healthy thanks to the personal care assistant jobs in MN that we offer. While you may never want to make this decision for someone in your family, this ultimately has the best outcome and enables people to maintain their homes. 

Caring for those in need is what we do best. Schedule an appointment to meet with our knowledgeable MN home health care specialists and lets find an assistant who can make your life better. We're ready to help when you are.

The Role of a "Traditional PCA" Provider
  • To be enrolled with the state "Medical Assistance" program as a "Traditional PCA Provider".
  • Pass a criminal background check.
  • Employ qualified staff, recruited by the client.
  • Provide a "Qualified Professional" to assist & support in managing services for the consumer.
  • Processing of applications, provider agreements, background checks, contracts, etc...
  • Provides fiscal & administrative support for the "Qualified Professional" & PCA's including:
  • Bill MA for the "Qualified Professional" & PCA's.
  • Payroll for QP's & PCA's.
  • Withholding & payment of all State & Federal taxes, unemployment insurance, & workers compensation.
  • Acquire & maintain all required insurances and bonds.
  • Verify and keep records of all hours worked by QP's & PCA's.

The Role of a "Qualified Professional"
  • When hiring for our personal care assistant jobs in MN, we make sure our attendants pass a criminal background check.
  • Enter into an agreement with the client and the "Traditional PCA Provider".
  • Assist the client or the "Responsible Person" to develop a Care plan to best fit the needs of the client.
  • Determine the frequency of supervision that is needed.
  • Visit the client in the home, and work with the client & PCA's with training.​

We specialize is county "Waiver" programs
AC       -     Alternative Care.
CADI    -     Community alternative for Disabled Individuals.
CAC     -     Community Alternative Care.
EW      -     Elderly Waiver.
BI        -     Brain Injury.
DD       -     Development Disabilities.​
A "PCA Choice" & “Traditional PCA" Provider