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Services provided to a person and his/her family (including extended family members) enable the person to remain in or return to home. To make these life transitions successful, many people need adaptation training which helps increase their capabilities to care for a person or handle self-care while adjusting to new life situations. We teach while we serve.
OPTION for Not In-Home Service:
Some individuals want or need support and training for activities or functions that are outside of life at home. Our community living services can be provided in a public setting typically used by the general public, such as: school, work, community centers, etc. 
OPTION for Remote Service:
Another way for us to deliver support is remotely using real-time, two-way communication, such as telephone, mobile phone texting, and secure video conferencing. Using technology to reach your attendant meets the intermittent or unscheduled support needs as long as it is in the scope of planned services. For example, check-ins, reminders, counseling, or problem solving. 
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“Sometimes asking for help is the most important step in self-reliance.”— Unknown
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